How long has it been?

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How long has it been?

Postby Abdiel » Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:15 pm

Before you misinterpret the subject, I'm not asking how many years of roleplay experience you or anyone else has. It's more that I'm musing over the length of time any number of us have been a part of this community. It's certainly seemed to die down over time, and I've probably been one of the most flighty members out of the bunch these days. Every so often I pop back by to check on things and if there actually are people around...I don't seem to linger long enough. My endeavors outside of this setup have left me always wanting though. Everywhere else seems to handle it differently. It's like chatting out of character and earning invisible points for being the trashiest troll you can be OOC is more important than pushing along any sort of plot. I sincerely miss the days of entering a room where characters were interacting and everyone around intended to do the same thing. Where even if it wasn't terribly active, there always some reason to stick around. I remember the early mornings when I'd log on at 6 and wait out the morning for people to start trickling in. I remember coming in at night to see the hustle and bustle of this person's story clashing with these people's and I'll admit eavesdropping was fun on its own. The setting was stable, the characters were there was always something happening, and a little spice of drama here and there made it a veritable Soap Opera. But, of course, a Soap Opera that could keep itself fresh and wasn't always written by someone that thought popular characters needed near death experiences and new flings to remain popular.

I'm not saying there weren't down times. I'm not even going to suggest that I had the best relationship with everyone there. I'd say more people felt disdain for me than anything else. While I was still young, I was impulsive and failed to see when I was going over-the-top. I grew with the chat though, and with experience came better writing and better concepts to toy with. Hell, even during my mature stages I went through a period that stopped acknowledging other players as people and disregarded all the emotion and fun that came bundled up with every storyline. That was awful, and somehow more embarrassing than the time I spent being any sort of Edgelord Heropants from the late 90s - early 2000s.

That was part of what I loved about our group though. I had the opportunity to have fun and make an ass out of myself. Good or bad, things actually happen when....y'know, things actually happen! But, we're down the line a ways and I'm not sure how it's all going anymore. Did some of you slip off? Did people I used to consider my closest friends, or greatest enemies fall off the face of the earth, pass away, move on to something better? Honestly, I'm posting this to find out and to hear what the rest of you think about your own time with the chat. I'd like to think that with a little effort and a little more collaboration, we could pick things up sometime. That thought would be more reassuring if I was sure there was still enough of you out there, eager and willing.
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Re: How long has it been?

Postby Albert Strangefellow » Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:36 am

Meh, it's gone and dead. A lot of old WotC players don't log on anymore because there's no connection. There's always 3 or 4 people in the lobby who do absolutley nothing and if you PM them or invite them to a room to play they either decline or give you some elitist vibe. All of the old WotC cool kids either grew up and moved on or have been left behind in the ISRP lobby where they try to maintain this exclusive silence. I say let them have it, I've experienced other RP communities that were way better at integration and ever since games like Warcraft, NVN, SwordCoast Legends there's really no need to pander to some elitist's internet status as a person who's managed to stay logging into the same chat site for multiple years. With a few exceptions, the community here is bland and flavorless, being overly selective in a community of no more than a few people. The last PM discussion I had was with someone who kept bragging about how they've been here for years...yet they only want to play out some bar scene where people sit and talk. We're all old enough now to actually do that in real life and I suspect a lot of us are now outdoors, doing just that. There was once a player character named Aasim who used to run interactive stories weekly, and made it a point that everyone was welcome. I'm not sure if anybody remembers the Zombies metagames but they were by far the most fun i've had with the ISRP community since it's departure from Wizards of The Coast. Games like Viles vs Celestials, The Wizo's quests into the unknown of Juxtaposition, The Devils vs Demons arc, The Moonbeam Adepts etc etc. Those are all gone because those players moved on and the only people left behind who remembers them are either silently lurking in the lobby imagining their own relevance or enjoying adulthood away from the computer screen. Who wants to put in the work of making a character only to sit in some tavern and talk about things that never happen because nobody plays them out ? Who wants to join a community where the majority of characters are ran by 3 or 4 people who either don't want you apart of their clique or only want to run character romance (not saying that's bad but there's a person here who only goes for that and she's boring AF!) At 28 years old, whatever I'm doing better be interesting or else I'm headed somewhere else. It's not hard to find a decent RP chat site. Myrealms, Imaginechat, Roleplayoasis, TalesOfRokugan, Fiveringsonline, the list goes on and on, and it's places like these where our old veterans who actually tell stories ended up. They're still in the game, actually gaming or they're out living their lives in the real world and save for maybe 1 or 2 people from the old school WotC, the people who are left are'nt really welcoming in new players like that, they're just sitting in the lobby waiting for their one friend to sign on, then they enter The Meeting Place or Tavern and play out some imaginary conversation and call it gaming. The most people this forum has ever seen online at once was 15 people 3 years ago! The proof is irrefutable, people got tired of being bored and sitting in some tavern where nobody interacts with one another and before I'm criticized for this narrative get on the old MSN messenger list we all used to be apart of and ask some of our oldschoolers why they're no longer here, I guarantee the argument is almost identical. This is the general consensus.
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Re: How long has it been?

Postby Laura Jarron » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:22 pm

It's the nature of communities to ebb and flow, but I haven't seen more than one change servers and providers as often as AOL/TSR/WOTC/enWorld/UH and survive.

For what it's worth it seems UH is down to the smallest handful of people, and whose interests seem to reside solely in RPing sex scenes.

It was a good run from 1997 when I first got onto TSR's java-based chat to now, but it's over.

I'll keep popping in on occasion, but I've moved on to find more FFRP elsewhere, although those seem to be lacking as well.
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