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Altoona most interesting sex toys

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Breast cancer: The map of the ten tumor diseases |
Breast cancer: The map of the ten tumor diseases. It is one of the most frequent female tumors, but also one of the ones with the highest percentage of survival, thanks to the continuous advances in medicine and treatment of tumors. And precisely, one of the latest findings on the genetics of this type of cancer, opens the door to research on more personalized, more specific and therefore more effective treatments to combat a tumor that represents 16% of cancers Feminine in the world.
Winning the battle to breast cancer is possible, one of the most frequent tumors, with 44 diagnoses a day in our country, according to medical data. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that it represents 16% of the total diagnoses of female cancers in the world. Early detection, and this should always be remembered, plays an essential role in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, in the same way as the continuous advances in medicine and research, such as the responses found when examining and studying the genetic map of this type of tumor. And it is not a disease, but ten different diseases. That is, breast cancer can be divided into ten subtypes. A new map that is endorsed by the Cancer Research Institute of the United Kingdom, and that provides other interesting tools for the treatment of cancer, such as the identification of several genes directly linked to this tumor. The study has shelled its molecular anatomy and opens new doors for the investigation not only of potential new drugs, but also of more personalized and individualized treatments, one of the challenges of medicine in the field of oncology.
Studies conducted so far have been based on the analysis of more than two thousand samples of women diagnosed with breast cancer, analyzing both DNA and RNA (DNA in proteins). The analysis allowed the identification of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes (the latter have the function of protecting against disease). From the genetic activity the tumor can be classified into ten new types (InClust 1 to 10). So far the tests are based on detecting the presence of biomarkers (estrogen receptors, for example). That is, the new map of breast cancer is made up of ten categories, ten types of breast cancer depending on the genes that are activated, which will improve the treatment by adapting the drugs to the precise type of breast cancer of a much more precise and effective way.
Most tumors, more than 70%, must respond to hormonal treatments. However, as the specialists point out, the reaction varies a lot, so it is necessary to investigate further to find a more accurate classification of breast cancer that paves the way in the diagnosis as much as possible.
Breast cancer: Early diagnosis As we have pointed out, breast cancer accounts for 16% of the total female tumors diagnosed in the world. But it is also that its prevalence continues to increase, since breast cancer diagnoses have doubled in the last three decades, according to data from the Institute of Metrics and Health Evaluation of the United States. In our country, the figures also speak for themselves, with more than forty diagnoses a day. To prevent and increase the chances of cure, early detection is essential, as is the care of our breasts. In fact, women can do a lot to prevent breast alterations, through self-examination and going to gynecological exams periodically. The breasts constitute a part of the body always present in the woman's life, which fulfills an essential function in the different stages.

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