The Crosroads Tavern Setting Rules: Oearth/Greyhawk

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The Crosroads Tavern Setting Rules: Oearth/Greyhawk

Postby Magi Nashira » Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:49 pm

Setting Rules for the Crossroads Tavern

The Tavern setting is a medieval fantasy setting. Characters must match this template to play within. Time traveling mortals, chronomancy, none of these are sufficient reason to introduce out of setting items or characters. There are rooms for modern sorts, please keep such characters and items there.

The Crossroads Tavern is set in the town of Ford Keep on the east bank of the Selintan River. It is located in the Domain of Greyhawk, in the Flanaess of eastern Oerik on the world of Oerth. It is about a day’s travel southwest of Greyhawk City itself. The following are the rules of the setting for the Crossroads Tavern, the Clearing, and the Garden. The Grove will have its own subset of rules. Where not specifically stated, it follows these rules, and this setting follows the Code of Conduct rules.

1) Firearms do not work on Oerth. Neither gunpowder, smokepowder, nor anything else that allows one to carry what is obviously meant to be a firearm is allowed. So no, making a magic wand look like a gun isn’t an option. Only Priests of Murlynd, who must be Lawfull Good, can get smokepowder to work. These priests also make up the anti-tech squads that destroy all tech above simple clockwork or spring types.

2) Demons, Devils, and Outsiders in general must be disguised. Disguised is defined such that anyone looking at such a character would see just another human, humanoid, or demihuman. Horns, hooves, tails, wings, all must be hidden from view. Sharpened teeth seen in a smile, perhaps a shifting of the disguise when angry or something, these are fine.

3) Drow of Oerth cannot be played as characters in this setting. Greydhavian drow are magically and intrinsically evil. They cannot be good at all. If they were even rumored to be in the town in any way, the place would be invested with troops and cleansed. They are fled from by ordinary people, and slaughtered on sight by others, no questions asked. Trying to play them violates basic stipulations of the setting and so they are not allowed.

4) Drow of Faerun or elsewhere may be played inside the Tavern as they are or in disguise. It is up to the player. Faerunian Drow can be of good or at least neutral alignments, and therefore may be found in such a place as the tavern. However any drow, regardless of origin, who goes outside the Tavern, runs the risk of lynching at best. Oerth folk won’t take the time to separate you from their own.

5) Dragons and similar creatures must take humanoid form while inside the Tavern. It is fine if emotion makes them shift a bit now and then. But they run the risk of being expelled if they try to remain in draconic form.

6) Were's take human form in the tavern though they may partial shift in fits of anger and similar circumstance. Remaining in shifter form is likely to get one tossed in the river.

7) Animals are not to be played in the tavern. Animals that cannot take humanoid form are not allowed in the tavern. Note that the term ‘humanoid’ does not imply that ‘furries’ are acceptable within the setting. However, the occasional small animal that darts in and runs about for a short time can be overlooked as long as it is not disrupting play and is removed when asked by Moderators. Familiars of magic using sorts are allowed if accompanied by their masters, or for very short trips to relay messages and so on. Animal companions such as tigers, bears, wolves and so on are not. A bit of common sense is in order here.<>

8) Fae in humanoid form are allowed in the tavern though their pranks and antics must abide by the Code of Conduct and IC play may never be used as reason to violate the Code of Conduct.

9) Vampires can be in the tavern...However they can't be openly flaunting their nature. They must be disguised and can't feed openly, flash their fangs, etc. No one should be able to discern what they are by simply looking at them. Much like demons and so on. Other sorts of undead, such as mummies, zombies, corpses, skeletons, and so on are not allowed. Liches may be if they meet the disguise rules already stated.

10) Setting specific deities, magic, and spells of other worlds do not function on Oerth. No Spellfire, Weave, Shadowweave, Eilistraee or what have you. You may find a similar deity, or simply try to RP out the fact that being cut off from your usual powers leaves you rather vulnerable while visiting Oerth. Visiting Drow should note that Greydhavian Drow tend to slaughter visitors and wouldn’t be met anywhere in the Tavern in any case. Warforged are not of Oerth and therefore should not be in the tavern.

11) No Gods or God Avatars allowed in the Tavern. The Gods of Oerth don't allow foreign gods or their avatars to go wandering about, and they themselves don't do so. So don't do it.

12) Technology is limited to relatively simple spring and clockwork devices. Anything else is destroyed by Murlynd's crowd. See #1.

13) Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the tavern unescorted. So no 5, 7, 3, or 9 year olds, or any other age or fraction thereof. Tavern owners might allow their own children in, but a place like the Crossroads is not the place for unescorted youngsters. And to those escorting...the river awaits out of control children and their escorts.

Disguised is defined here to mean that people can't tell what you are by looking at you. Perhaps a very close inspection might reveal something, but it wouldn't be obvious to people sitting nearby.

People entering the tavern with character types that are not allowed will be asked to change their character to suit the setting. An IC attempt will be made to deal with situations that provide for such a resolution. Anyone insisting on staying after being asked or IC made to depart will then be in peril of crossing the line into OOC Disruption of the Setting and room. Remember, at no time does character concept, alignment, or personality justify a violation of the CoC.

Fighting in the tavern is allowed to a point. That point is several things. In general, verbal confrontations are fine, baring steel is no big deal, and tossing a drink in someone’s face is okay. A short scuffle, an exchange of punches is all fine for the most part. Remember the operative word is ‘short’. If the Mod says one punch is enough, then that’s enough. Fighting includes things like food fighting as well. Take it to the clearing if it is going to get into weaponsplay or serious fighting of any sort. Barroom brawls are right out.

The Tavern is protected by some various wards and dweomers. You cannot burn it down, it self repairs most things, and it gifts the staff with True Sight. It will also allow even non-magic users to toss people into the river. Being tossed into the river can be a tool for play, the usual usage, or a nudge to curb certain behavior. Staff isn’t going to allow certain things and they have tools to deal with it. Being tossed in the river or bathed by Beeg are two of these. Another would be Fang and Grip. That being said, you should not be thrown into the river for no good reason. If a dispute arises, logs will be checked to see what happened. We will hold our hosts accountable for their actions as much as we hold you accountable for yours.

Welcome to Oerth.
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