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Roleplaying and in character posts for ISRP's sword and sorcery settings (The Crossroads Tavern, The Bazaar, the Rotunda, etc)

Forum Rules

Postby Magi Gabriel » Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:46 am

At all times posting on the ISRP forums must adhere to the Code of Conduct.

The following rules also apply to the ISRP Forums and individual sections.

The primary language of the forums is English. This is to allow moderators to easily identify content and ensure that it follows all expectations without having to resort to translation software. While parts of posts may consist of other languages - especially for the purposes of in character writing, please ensure the purpose and content of your post is clearly visible in English when posting.

Administration Boards

When using the boards to make inquiries regarding rules, proposals in changes to the site, activities etc please keep in mind that the ISRP community is a diverse one with a diverse range of focuses and goals with the site. As such we are not able to consider any suggestions that would make groups feel unwelcome based off any factors such as their gender, orientation, ethnicity, nationality, religion or preferred style of role playing.

In Character Boards

For posting on In Character Boards please always post in the board most appropriate to the thread you are beginning and use the title and/or opening paragraph to provide any further clarification that would be necessary for any first time reader. Example: JohnSmith wants a thread to roleplay out the creation of a especially fine made iron wrought mousetrap. He titles it "In the Smithy, Building a Better Mousetrap", later when JohnSmith is transporting his mousetrap to his client on a different plane of existence, he starts a new thread titled "[Fourth Plane of Heck] Delivery of the Masterwork Mousetrap".

Promotions and Spamming

Nobody likes a board filled with ads or spam threads, as such the moderator staff will do their best to remove all spambots and threads in as timely a manner as possible.

However, from time to time, members on the boards will probably discover things that they want to share with the board. The important factors to consider here are:
  • Is it really likely to be of interest to the community?
  • Will it be understood you're a regular member of the community sharing?

Accounts that are registered simply for the purposes of promoting something will be treated as spam accounts regardless of it's potential relevance to ISRP.
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