The Meeting Place (TMP) Setting Rules: New York, NY

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The Meeting Place (TMP) Setting Rules: New York, NY

Postby Magi Nashira » Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:02 pm

Below are the rules, in character and out...
In Character Rules

The In Character rules are very basic and if you use common sense, you shouldn't find yourself in trouble. For those who need the specifics, here are the rules:

No minors
This is a licensed premises and accepted proof of age may be required at the door, at the bar and for scan by the vending machine. Alcohol will not be served to people under the age of 21. A legal parent or guardian must accompany minors under the age of 16. Anyone caught providing a minor with alcohol on the premises or any minor under the age of 16 without a guardian on the premises will be thrown out or handed over to the police. No exceptions.

No smoking
Smoking is not permitted within bars or nightclubs in this state. If you want to smoke, there are benches and ashtrays provided outside.

Destruction/Defacing of Property
Coming into the club and doing graffiti or defacing the property will get you into some serious hot water with the owner. This includes modifying the programming on Sambot, the robotic bartender. Treat the place with respect.

Do not harass the patrons
If you make an attempt to talk to another patron who doesn't seem interested, please do not throw a fit and bring attention to yourself. Turn and walk away quietly and find someone else to talk to.

Do not wave your weapons about
While it is fine for you to be carrying your weapons on your person, do not go about flashing them in the Night Club. That action may well get them confiscated and/or your body bounced out of the club before we ask questions.

No Fighting in the Club
If you find yourself faced with a confrontational situation, please take it outside. The Night Club patrons are here for a good time, not to have to worry about someone starting a brawl. Failure to be adult about problems will result in you being bounced outside to settle it.

The Meeting Place Staff has the final say in any and all arguments. The staff has been trained to handle confrontations as the Owner has instructed. If there is an argument that one of the staff members must solve, the staff has the final say.

Out of Character Rules

To preserve the setting and ensure everyone stays civil OOC there are a number of out of character rules relating to the setting.

The setting assumes that in the intervening years there have been many wonderful technological advancements, however for the most part humanity continues much like it is now. The cutting edge of technology is no available to or affordable to the common person and much of it is still in testing phase.

What this means is that your character can have any reasonably enhanced version of any existing or soon to be arriving technology which would be released to the general public. Smart cars that recognize and automatically adjust to the preferences of the owner, fingerprint locks, computers the size of cell phones that can translate languages (more or less) in live time, etc are all fine.

The setting does not, however, allow for military cyborgs with shoulder-mounted plasma canons to wander about, or a time displacing cars or nano-bots that can reconstruct you from scratch. At least not in public. Your character may work on or have seen some spectacular super-technology... but not inside a trendy nightclub in New York.

To allow for diverse roleplay The Meeting Place has a simple rule for supernatural based characters: Don't get caught by the public.Vampires, werewolves, magicians and fairies are all perfectly valid character types so long as they are able to conceal their nature from the public and follow the same rules the public do.

For supernaturals who also want to be part of a supernatural secret society, as many works of fiction and games depict them as being, we recommend you contact Magi Brigid for the status quo of the current supernaturals:

Politics and Religion
One of the great things about The Meeting Place being two decades in the future is that it allows us to keep politics completely ambigious. There is no named President (though certainly the USA still has a president), Mayor, Chief of Police, etc in the setting and it is not stated whether they are left-leaning, right winged or centralist.This is to prevent in character discussions from degenerating into out of character political debates about modern or past political issues and allow everyone to feel comfortable there. As such we ask that you do your part to maintain this environment and not drag real world politics into conversation. This includes lengthy discussions around issues like racial profiling, gender equality, etc.

It's not that we don't think these things are important, it's just that a open freeform fantasy environment is not the place to push them.

World (or even just New York) Shaking Events
Chances are if you roleplaying set in the modern era or the not-so-distant future then you probably also like gaming sessions that involve things like robot uprisings, zombie plagues, the awakening of Elder Gods, world wars, viral bombing or even just good old fashioned earthquakes. And so do we!

However, we do not allow those things to go on normally in The Meeting Place setting for the simple reason that it's a setting you have to share with every patron. If every patron were allowed to run a storyliine that involved massive public disasters then we'd soon have to change it's description to "Post Apocolyptic".

If you have an idea for a major earth shaking even that will be felt by the public then before going through with it you will need to run it by and get approval from Magi Brigid ( Events started without this approval will be subject to erasure and may result in room disruption warnings.

Of course, there's nothing to say that your zombie plague/robot uprising can't take place away from the nightclub in small isolated area where it's clean up. You can even run it as a game in one of our Gaming Rooms.
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