Chat is unavailable

Unfortunately the ISRP chat is currently unavailable due to necessary updates on the server.

Long story short: The chat was written, in 2000, to work with PHP 4. In order to maintain acceptable security, the hosting service needs to operate on PHP 7.2 - and a whole lot has changed since 2000.

I have attempted to update the software at the server side, but basically the entire approach to programming in PHP has changed between 4 and 7 - and given that Flash is going to be non-supported in December, there is no way to justify the time and expense that'd be involved to allow another ten months before doing a full replacement.

There is a Discord server set up, which is currently very bare bones and intended as a temporary solution while I look at engineering a replacement chat. Please feel free to join up, keep in touch of each other and providing the core channels while I try to provide an alternative - unfortunately the rise of MMOs and video chats means there's's not a lot of chat options available so at this point it looks like it'll require a bespoke product. Further updtates will be posted in the Discord.

A legacy page to allow you to view existing profiles is available here, a page to edit them and create new ones is in the works.

via Gfycat