Roleplaying Chat

Welcome to the online Roleplaying Chat for ISRP on Unlikely Heroes

My apologies for the lack of updates recently, and the recent outages.

Unfortunately there is a critical pending issue where the hosting service will be updating the server to a more current version of PHP which is wholely incompatible with the version of PHP that the chat software was written in. Combined with the amount of updates required combined with the pending closure of Flash, it is simply not viable to update the software to continue running.

There is a Discord server set up, which is currently very bare bones and intended as a temporary solution while I look at engineering a replacement chat. Please feel free to join up, keep in touch of each other and when the chat goes down we will be opening rooms as replacement. I'm also working on allowing you to retain access and information to your existing character profiles.


The email to contact Magi by to report any bad behaviour, bugs, concerns, feedback or offers of cash to:


Entry to the chat requires a username and password. You can register here. Please be aware any information you enter into your profile will be available to other members except for your email address which will not be sold out or shared to any third parties.

If you have lost your password you may request a new password through the nifty password retrieval system. For security reasons your passwords are kept encrypted and hence you will not be able to see or retrieve your existing password, infact nobody will so take care to enter the correct email address when you register.