Roleplaying Chat

Welcome to the online Roleplaying Chat for ISRP on Unlikely Heroes

Recently I have been notified that passwords used on the server may have been fished in transition. At least one member has received a threatening spam email that contained a blackmail claim.

Passwords on the server are stored as encrypted, so it is likely that the information is from packet sniffing and does not supply any further information beyond your login details at ISRP. However, you may want to consider changing your password here and anywhere else that you use the same password, just to be secure.

In order to prevent this happening again, the site has now been equipped with security certificate which should prevent any further packet fishing.

Also there is a new email to contact Magi by to report any bad behaviour, bugs, concerns, feedback or offers of cash to:


Entry to the chat requires a username and password. You can register here. Please be aware any information you enter into your profile will be available to other members except for your email address which will not be sold out or shared to any third parties.

If you have lost your password you may request a new password through the nifty password retrieval system. For security reasons your passwords are kept encrypted and hence you will not be able to see or retrieve your existing password, infact nobody will so take care to enter the correct email address when you register.