MapleStory M Mesos: How to Change Look

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MapleStory M Mesos: How to Change Look

Postby Sletrry » Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:36 am

Absolutely yes eliminate party play exp penalty. For each 10 minutes that someone is inactive in a party (here inactive refers to buy Maple Mobile Mesos killing a mob with an energetic assault [Kanna casting kishin and using that kill a mob, or toxin mist, dark flare etc aren't considered active attacks and don't count]) they endure a 10% exp penalty, stacking around 80% after 80 minutes.

This allows them to still get exp from leeching, but their capacity is severely hampered by it. However, the pace at is so slow, that even if you simply want to sit and chat with buddies for a bit it won't influence you too much.

But Party quests in general need a revamp, one is coming soon in KMS, well not revamp per se, but the degree requirements of a few are getting changed around and the exp reward is getting buffed, again. We want more diversity in them, we shouldn't be doing R&J for 70 degrees, but the reality is that it's by far the most efficient method to level assuming you locate a party.

As an effect, you could even have it apply to exp multipliers like pendant of their spirit, coupons and exp buffs. He has admitted not to be legit and knowingly leeches off of people who use macros and botting programs. Nevertheless Nexon has done nothing ban him or to remove him. So I say eliminate his ability!

More maps ought to be produced into party play maps. Party Play should be revamped to where you must acquire an additional 5% foundation exp per kill for each active party member (using the same definition as above) beyond the first, culminating in 125% exp per kill with a full celebration of active members.

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