Glory Days

Come in, say hi, discuss the meaning of life, meet new and interesting strangers, build a bond of trust with them so you can feel bad when you do terrible things to their characters.

Glory Days

Postby Vincent » Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:18 am

I remember the old days; My chocolatier pirate, with his gimp knee, and long blond hair. My moody vampire who towered over 7' tall. The mute vampire who took the form of a mangy dog. The satyr who fell for an incubus. So many others--- The stories were rich, and the rooms were full, be them WotC, Unlikely-Heroes, or EnWorld. Seems all those places are gone now. It makes me sad.

Where is everyone now? Do you still RP? Which chars do you miss most?

I recently stopped playing, but I had brought a lot of those chars into Secondlife. I still linger on there as I've branched into 3-D modeling for it, but I miss the glory days.

- Regards,
Captain D. Ganis, Lord Vincent Grey/moor, Atticus, Blaylock, Irvine, Rin, Utens, Ikky, Alister/Alistair, and so on.
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