NBA 2K19 Continues The Trend

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NBA 2K19 Continues The Trend

Postby Sletrry » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:49 am

To further increase the sense of realism, NBA 2K Coins is absolutely gorgeous in movement. Despite the leading HDR service, tweaks to character models and textures bring out myriad smallish details. Beards seem better than anyplace else. Plus, a brand new production package is in place this season, from pregame national anthems to humorous bits from the studio team of Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith.

The group's personality models need a do-over, but their interactions stay natural. Game commentary brings over some familiar lines (Kevin Harlan returns) yet continues to progress with guest commentators (from Kobe Bryant into ’96 dunk contest champ Brent Barry).

Of course, it is no surprise that NBA 2K19 looks good; the show has looked the part because its debut on the Dreamcast, remaining relevant visually and staking out its part of basketball culture. NBA 2K19 continues the trend, capturing the sense of basketball's urban centers from The Neighborhood.

It's too bad, then, the Neighborhood is covered in advertisements and persistent microtransaction begging. The growing drive to invest real dollars on VC impacts those seeking to construct even the most basic of participant avatars.

It is too much in NBA 2K19, holding back almost every style and customization alternative. VC is an inescapable fact. But on the court -- especially in the superb franchise manner, free from the grasp of microtransactions -- NBA 2K19 lives up to its predecessors and at times even bests them.The Sport of NBA Fortnite.

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